Wrinkle FillerSmooth out your wrinkles with fillers

Injectable wrinkle fillers can give you a more youthful look by erasing your wrinkles for a fraction of what a traditional face lift costs. Unlike Botox injections, which relax underlying muscles, wrinkle fillers can smooth out facial lines by filling the wrinkle or crease one of different substances.  They can also be used as volumizers to plump up and fill out thin lips and cheeks.

How are wrinkle filler procedures done?

Dr. Greco performs wrinkle filler injections that will refill the hollows under the eyes and brows, and decrease the appearance of frown lines and skin folds around the nose and lips. Most wrinkle filler treatments take less than 20 minutes to fill lines, wrinkles and folds. The results can last 3 months to a year or more.

Injections are made with a small needle into or under the skin. Most treatments are accompanied by only mild discomfort. There may be some swelling at the injection site, which can last for a few hours, and mild bruising, which can last for a few days. Occasionally, there will be an allergic reaction that can consist of itching, prolonged redness or firmness at the injection site but this is rare.