Combining function and aesthetics, Dr. Joan Greco provides her patients with the highest quality of care and the greatest degree of comfort. As an Oral and Facial surgeon on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dr. Greco specializes in:

Beyond oral surgery, Dr. Joan Greco prides herself in making YOU look your very best from the neck up! Her vast surgical skills and experience include caring for your facial cosmetic needs such as:

Dr. Greco also provides non-invasive skin revitalizing and beauty care treatments on a whole new level using state of the art Lasers, the most advanced equipment on the Big Island! Follow the links below to learn more about:

According to the Big Island’s Best Oral Surgeon, Dr. Greco, replacing your diseased or missing teeth with modern dental implants can be a “life-altering experience.” Patients report that they are so happy to have their own teeth to chew on again, she explains, “It’s hard when you lose a tooth to injury or disease. But once you get your smile back, you feel confident and good about yourself again.” Click here to watch Dr. Greco’s instructional video on Dental Implants.