Spider Vein Removal - Skin Blotch RemovalA laser is a focused beam of light whose intense rays can target a problem area on the skin and destroy that pigment or tissue while causing no damage to the surrounding skin. Today’s vascular laser technology works wonders on removing problematic skin issues such as unsightly spider veins, red blotches and blood vessels on the skin.

Dr. Greco’s has the expertise to safely, easily and effectively treat these facial problems with light and laser technology. The procedure usually takes only a few minutes and pain is minimal to nonexistent. For added comfort, some patients ask for and receive a topical anesthesia.

Postoperative discomfort is minimal though the skin may be mildly red and swollen. A few hours of icing will reduce the inflammation. Some treated areas may look darker but should begin to fade, and then disappear in a few days. Generally, you can return to work the same day as treatment or the day after.