The face, arms and hands are often the first parts of the body to exhibit signs of aging. This is because they receive so much exposure to sunlight. Along with lines and wrinkles, excess sun exposure also produces freckles and age spots due to the excess production of melanin, which the skin produces to protect itself from the sun.

While spots and freckles may not be medical emergencies, many people prefer to have them removed. Fortunately, Dr. Greco is skilled at using advanced medical lasers to remove age spot and freckles safely, easily and effectively.

Laser Spot Removal – What is it? And is it safe?

Vascular laser technology can target and destroy these pigment problem areas while causing no damage to the surrounding skin. Dr. Greco is adept at using advanced medical lasers to remove age spot and freckles safely and effectively.

The procedure usually takes only a few minutes and pain is minimal to nonexistent though for added comfort, some patients receive a topical anesthesia.

Postoperative discomfort is minimal though the skin may be mildly red and swollen and there may be some discoloration, which can sometimes last for several months. And, after several days, a crust will form around the treatment area but will fall off within a couple of weeks.

Typically one to six treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart should be sufficient to remove freckles and spots. Fortunately, spots rarely return after treatment but optimal results can be only be maintained if patients avoid the sun.